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What is it?

INSIDE is an interview show that gives you the opportunity to learn from the most renowned human development experts on the planet. Celina Joppert travels the world attending conferences and visiting universities to interview researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, executives, educators, philosophers and leaders. Brilliant minds who generously share their wisdom with us.


Human beings have unlimited potential and possibilities for growth and development. The purpose of INSIDE is to contribute to your personal and professional development by sharing the wisdom of the world's greatest references in the area of education, human development and people management.

Who is Celina?

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Celina grew up in a highly

creative and musical environment. Art and music are part of

her life from an early age. Her work is a combination and

synergy of the artist that she is with an extremely qualified

professional in the area of human development.

Speaker, Business Consultant, Certified in Positive

Psychology, Coach, Master-Trainer in NLP, Designer,

Musictherapist and the creator of Musictivity.

Celina Joppert applies her vast training and experience

in programs that help the individual reinvent themselves

and use their maximum potential as a person and


Celina lives in New York and Rio de Janeiro and is always participating in conferences around the world. Her company Celina Joppert Human Development Group is dedicated to enabling people and organizations to be and perform at their best.

With a relaxed and engaging style, Celina has the gift of reaching one’s heart by helping the person to flourish and expand. Stimulating creativity, boldness, action, joy and enthusiasm to overcome challenges.

"For more than 20 years I've dedicated my time to learning from all sorts of human development masters around the world. It is with great enthusiasm that, today, I can share some of what I have been experiencing in this rich universe of wisdom with INSIDE - sharing wisdom. "

To know more about the company Celina Joppert Human Development Group:

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