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Your FUTURE'S so BRIGHT, you haveto wear

The largest management event in Southern Brazil, the 2017 edition of CONGREGARH, held at PUC-RS Event Center, titled "Building a future with value". Concerned about the uncertain scenario that Brazilian society lives, ABRH-RS proposes a broad discussion about what is essential, what the value in humanity is, what should be valued in products, services, organizations, jobs, relationships and in the world.

Orian Kubaski, president of ABRH-RS has been a leader in Human Resources for 36 years. At CONGREGARH he talks about the importance of the Conferences in the intellectual formation and inspiration of HR professionals.

A chat filled with knowledge with Leyla Nascimento, president of FIDAGH. Leyla talks a little about her trajectory in Human Resources and also comments on the current scenario of human relations and the need to value self-knowledge for decision making.

Margarita Tarragona, writer and psychologist specialized in processes of personal and relational transformation, and former student of Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, one of the founding fathers of Positive Psychology. Interviewed on the subject: "a future built upon our strengths".

Jeronimo Lima, writer, professor and people manager has an extensive career in the field of knowledge, such as IT, History of Art and Philosophy. He told us a little about his work, the influence of technology in our lives and shared market trends.

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