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Your FUTURE'S so BRIGHT, you haveto wear

RH-RIO is the official meeting of the Human Resources professionals, being a source for references in technologies, tools, concepts and solutions for a market in permanent growth.

To Viviane Mose, philosopher and lecturer who we had the opportunity to interview during RH-RIO 2018, we need to conceive a new method of teaching, focused on the interests of the student and worried in developing their critical thinking about the information they acquire.

Technology has never been so present in our lives. Luciano Meira, professor of psychology from UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco) who we interviewed for INSIDE today, believes that technology has a fundamental role in education, especially with kids, through games and digital media working as learning tools.

Our interview is with Pedro Ramos, director of human resources at TAP Air Portugal and Anabela Chastre, coaching consultant, who studies the concept of attitude inside corporations. Together they wrote the book "Leadership - where we go from here?". We talked about the new roles of the leaders of the future in the context of companies and society.

Nowadays, it is crucial that professionals are prepared for changes and know how to adapt to the market, which is always evolving. Alexandre dos Reis, operations director at Firjan System (Sesi, Senai and IEL), told us about his work and Firjan's protagonism in creating a better Brazil, from the formation of better and more prepared professionals.

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