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Your FUTURE'S so BRIGHT, you haveto wear

Diversity is part of everyday life for all Brazilians. In this episode of INSIDE Conferences, L’Oréal Brazil HR’s Director Fabio Rose told us a bit about the learning and contribution that diversity brings to L’Oréal, whose headquarters is located in front of a comunity called "Morro da Providência", where the first "Favela"(Portuguese word for slum) was established in Brazil. A successful inclusion project.

Jaqueline Tibau, Director of Human Resources at General Electric Brazil, talks about the importance of investing in the expansion of our Mindsets. Today's professionals are inserted in a market which increasingly transcends its traditions. It is imperative that we are open to reinvent ourselves to excel in our careers. In the interview, Jaqueline elaborates this thought and shares some of her personal tips for professionals looking to grow their Mindsets.

Consolidated as one of the largest and most important events of its kind in the world, CONARH - The National Congress on People Management is promoted by the largest Human Resources entity in Brazil, ABRH-Brasil (Brazilian Association of Human Resources), with the co-promotion of it's branch in São Paulo, ABRH-SP.

Claudio Garcia, Vice President - Strategy and Corporate Development at Lee Hecht Harrison talks about how the work will be in the future, and how people prepare to keep up with the technological evolutions.

Did you know that there are up to five different generations of workers in the same company? In this episode of INSIDE Conferences, Paula Jacomo, Head of Human Resources for Latin America at SAP, tells us a bit about this integration of generations and how it can be of great value to companies. One of the practices used at SAP is reverse mentoring, where people from younger generations help senior professionals to adapt to the latest innovations.

After years as an executive in the corporate world, Ian Borges made a bold choice: to create his own profession. His work as Digital Nomad and Lifestyle Hacker gathers his passions and talents. We had the opportunity to interview him at CONARH 2018, where he shared some of his trajectory and gave important tips to build a career of one’s dreams.

Get to know the partnership between the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH), which is bringing a great opportunity to HR professionals. Check out the talk with Michael McCallum to learn more about the certifications and the SHRM Conference that will take place in June 2019 in Las Vegas.

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