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Your FUTURE'S so BRIGHT, you haveto wear

Rony Meisler CEO of the company Reserva is one of the leaders of Conscious Capitalism in Brazil. He states that "a dream to be big first needs to be good". Conscious Capitalism is a good dream that only gets larger and larger in Brazil. In our interview, Rony tells us how to substitute the complaining culture for the transformation culture in business.

Pedro Paro made a great question to stakeholders of over 1115 brazillian companies who were participants in the joint research of USP(University of Sao Paulo) and the Brazillian Institute of Conscious Capitalism:
"Would you miss this company if it died?".
Mapping the greatest references, of firms of endearment in Brazil, it's goal is to inspire the market, by bringing role-models of purpose, sustainability, humanity and innovation

The Conscious Capitalism Latin-American Conference 2019, happened in 19 and 20 of march, at "Senac Centro Universitário", in Sao Paulo.
The event had the goal to spread the culture that business is more than just generating profit.
The organization must create value for all who are envolved.
A paradigm shift with four main principles:
Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Stakeholder Integration, and Conscious Culture and Management.

Businesses that transcend profits,
that's the specialty of Raj Sisodia.
Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism and professor at Babson College(USA).
He talked with INSIDE about the movement which has already envolved great companies like  Starbucks, McDonalds, IBM and Walmart.

Spirituality in business?
Luis Gonzaga, from Full Fill, Portuguese Leadership Development Company, says yes, and it is necessary!
Applying Spiritual Intelligence within organizations, he works with clients  to be even more present, self conscious, engaged, focused and inspired to accomplish their daily activities.

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